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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 18:57

Maji na Ufanisi 2012 Annual Report

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Download the Report Here In 2012, MnU Board also emphasized that the organization must facilitate continuous learning from the best practices emanating from all the WASH projects that MnU has implemented over the years. Indeed, the Board insisted that MnU must be a learning organization, whereby lessons learnt are used to improve future project design and implementation, as well as…
Maji na Ufanisi implements various water and environmental sanitation projects as the way to translate strategies into actions, and objectives into realities. The key for MnU is to remain competitive and innovative in a high-growth and fast-changing environment through strong delivery capability made possible by uniform and effective processes, structure, and discipline of planning and monitoring initiatives that translate strategy…


File Title: Climate Change Authority Bill 2012 (Details)
File Title: Water Bill 2012 (Details)
File Title: Kenya's Vision 2030 (Details)
File Title: MnU Newsletter for May and June 2012 (Details)
File Title: Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources (Details)

File Title: Maji na Ufanisi Factsheets (Details)
File Title: School Wash Poster (Chandaria Primary) (Details)
File Title: School Wash Poster (Njathaini Primary) (Details)

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